Janosch Rittmüller

Musician, producer and sound engineer

Growing up in a household full of music and sound engineering, my passion was clear very early on: I love to work with musicians, bands and other artists – to capture sounds, moods and feelings and preserve them for eternity.

The musical as well as the human collaboration with artists and their individuality is very important to me. As a multi-instrumentalist, I can empathize with the different perspectives of the different musicians and understand their wishes exactly.

In general, I am open to every genre, every idea and vision.

I am also happy to work as part of a team, e.g. as a recording, mixing, mastering engineer or overseeing your production from the former to the latter. Individual training courses in handling modern DAWs are also part of my field of activity.

I would like to find out with you whether we will follow a common path and whether the chemistry is right over a cup of coffee and a small tour of our studios. Call me, send me an email or send the carrier pigeon out and we will arrange a completely non-binding meeting.

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