Studio A

approx. 20m² acoustically optimized by ACM
Line of sight to control room A, video connection to control room A and recording room B

The excellent acoustics and the comfortably productive atmosphere in our A Studio offer all the requirements for a good sounding recording. Let your creativity run free here. The generous window to control room A enables simple and natural communication between musicians and technicians. For communication with musicians in our recording room B, there is a bidirectional video system consisting of a television and a camera. Live recordings with a typical rock / pop line-up are very easy to do. You get recordings with perfect channel separation, which in turn opens up the possibility of re-recording and correcting certain instruments afterwards. Since there is no crosstalk on the recording tracks of the respective rooms, you get the advantages of both common methods of recording music, the live recording of all instruments and the overdub process in which the instruments are played one after the other.

By optimizing our recording rooms acoustically, we lay the foundation for successful recordings.

We would be happy to show you our recording room A and the other rooms of our recording studio to get to know each other. Send us a message or give us a call if you want to find out more.

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